Weekly analysis

Goal: Type a one page paper that analyzes aspects of fun and/or board game design.

The readings and videos are like pieces of a puzzle. Unfortunately, the puzzle is incomplete (we cannot read everything) and the picture is unknown ("fun" is difficult to definite). The goal of the writing assignment is to try to fit those pieces together into a coherent picture that is communicated to others (classmates and instructor).

To do this, read articles from the weekly list then address the following prompts:

  1. Identify which articles (or videos) were chosen for the current week. 1 XP
  2. Identify one or more pieces of advice from each article that might be helpful for your future self as a game designer. Explain why you chose the advice. 3 XP
  3. Ask question that you still have after reading the week's articles. It may help to elaborate about what prompted the question. 1 XP
  4. Leave blank space (or use the back of your paper) to respond to the in-class discussion question. This will be done sometime during class, typically with fellow group members responding to your discussion question. 3 XP

General suggestions


Bring a paper copy to class on the due date.

Scoring guide

Answers will earn XP based on clarity and completeness in addressing the prompts above.

For absences, please answer your own discussion question from the point of view of each reading you used for the assignment.