Rules explainer

Each student will be required to teach a game to their fellow students during the semester.

To fully prepare to teach a game, I recommend the following:

  1. Read the rules. Often game rules are online or on BoardGameGeek.
  2. Play the game solo, pretending to be two players.
  3. Read the rules again to see what mistakes were made.
  4. Play game with fellow rules explainer.
  5. Read the rules (yet again) to see what mistakes were made.
  6. Create a rules summary with important things to remember.
  7. Teach the game to some friends and play it.


Other recommendations:

Scoring guide

The explainer …

  • is fully prepared for teaching the game, possibly with a few minor issues or questions. (10 XP)
  • is generally prepared, yet checks rule book often or has a few rules errors. (8 XP)
  • mostly teaches from the rule book or has many rules errors. (5 XP)
  • is not prepared or absent*. (0 XP)

* In the case of authorized absences, a student can make a video (see "video examples" above). If the video is completed for class, it can receive full credit. If after class, the syllabus's late policy applies.