Free Internet Software for the Mathematics Classroom

Wisconsin Mathematics Council, 38th Annual Green Lake Conference

Chris Hlas, hlascs(at)


GraphCalc - 2D & 3D graphing calculator (win, linux)

How the West Was One + Three x Four - basic operations game (win, mac demos)

KSEG - interactive geometry (win, mac, linux)

Peanut Software - small math tools by Parris

Tux Math Scrabble - Scrabble-like game for writing math equations (win, linux)

Tux of Math Command - basic operations drill/game, similar to Missile Command (win, mac, linux)

Web-based apps

GCalc - graphing calculator

GeoGebra - dynamic geometry

Logo - introductory programming/drawing

QuickMath - graphing and computer algebra system

*** Many of these require Java, a free download ***

Activities / puzzles

Cut-the-Knot - interactive and challenging math puzzles

Fraction Frenzy - timed game of matching equivalent fractions (requires Shockwave)

MathForum - problems, math help, and more

NCTM Illuminations - interactive activities corresponding to the NCTM Standards

WebSudoku - Japanese logic puzzle