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Math 499 - MathEd book study (2020 Winterim)

Students will read a common book focusing on mathematics education research. For each chapter, students will also choose an article from the references list to report on. Reports will include chapter/article summaries in APA format (e.g., reference list basic rules, websites) and will be discussed during class.


Math 491

Students will investigate a topic in mathematics education and share what they learn by submitting their report to the Wisconsin Teacher of Mathematics sponsored by the Wisconsin Mathematics Council. Previous topics:

Math 499 - Research in Mathematics Education (2008 Fall)

Each week students will read a chapter from Adding It Up: Helping Children Learn Mathematics and an article of their choice from the reference section of the chapter read. Type a summary of the article and cite the article using APA. Be prepared to discuss and analyze both during the weekly meetings.

Math 499 - Mathematics Reading Theory (2007 Fall)

Student will summarize the ways that reading has been used in mathematics classrooms.

Math 797 - Algebra in Practice (2007 Spring)

Graduate student will "revamp" an existing mathematics curriculum based on reform methods then justify the changes based on the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics's Principles and Standards for School Mathematics.