Teaching mathematical modeling

Goal: Submit a manuscript to Wisconsin Teacher of Mathematics based on the research read this semester .

Course structure

Each week a student will:

  1. Lead class discussion based on a relevant article of their choosing.
    1. Plan questions to promote discussion.
    2. Identify difficult portions of the article for careful analysis.
    3. Identify portions of article for possible inclusion in the manuscript.
  2. Another student will serve as "secretary" by:
    1. recording important aspects of the class discussion,
    2. choosing the article for the class to read next, and
    3. preparing to lead class discussion the following week.

As a class we will collectively complete and submit a manuscript.


Week 1

  1. Discuss first article (see below)
  2. Discuss how to read research
  3. Develop leader & secretary schedule

Weekly assignments

Date Leader Secretary Task rss
January 27 Hlas/Serros all Common Core State Standards - Mathematics
(focus on modeling)
February 3 Hlas/Serros Peter A primer for mathematical modeling (Sole, 2013)
10 Peter Ellen Teaching realistic mathematical modeling in the elementary school (Verschaffel & De Corte, 1997)
17 Ellen Scotty A little competition goes a long way
(Munakata, 2006)
24 Scotty Jordon Mathematical modelling: Can It be taught and learnt?
(Blum & Ferri, 2009)
March 3 Jordon Andrew Mathematical modeling in school - Examples and experiences
(Kaiser, ?)
10 Andrew Courtney Looking back in mathematical modeling
(Hodgson & Harpster, 1997)
17 Courtney Brent Identifying key transition activities for enhanced engagement in mathematical modelling (Galbraith, Stillman & Brown, 2014?)
24 n/a n/a Spring break
31 Brent Kelsey Teaching and learning mathematical modelling with technology
(Ang, 2010)
April 7 Kelsey Meghan Teaching mathematical modeling in school mathematics
(Kang & Noh, 2012)
14 Meghan Nikki Problem posing and solving with mathematical modeling
(English, Fox, & Waters, 2005)
21 Nikki Hlas Mathematical modeling in school education
(Cai et al., 2014)
28 n/a n/a Rough draft of manuscript. See assignments in Google docs.
May 5 n/a n/a Revise manuscript. See assignments in Google docs.
12 n/a n/a Revise manuscript. See assignments in Google docs.
Finals week      


Students earn points by choosing relvant articles, leading class discussion, and productively updating the manuscript.

Class leader 30 pts


Discussion leader was …

Discussion lasted for at least …

Chosen article

Article is _____ relevant

Article is submitted ____ the submission time and date. (Submit by Thursday at 12pm, noon.)

Secretary 15 pts


Class discussion is recorded in a/an …

Notes are updated within ____ of class. Please email instructors when done.

NOTE: Please identify yourself when updating notes to receive credit here.

Collaboration 55 pts


_____ Instructors will assign a score based on attendance, classroom observations and classmate feedback regarding participation and contributions to the manuscript. (30 pts)

Manuscript (whole class)

Manuscript is submitted to the Wisconsin Mathematics Teacher journal (25 pts)


Grading scale:

A (93), A- (90); B+ (87), B (83), B- (80); C+ (77), C (73), C- (70); D (60 pts)