Technology, for Mathematics, Teachers

Identify an example for each of the 8 categories defined by the Venn diagram below.

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Syllabus scavenger hunt for Math 451

Answer the following based on the syllabus for this class. Raise hands when completed.

  1. Which technologies for this class have you never heard of before? (The calendar may help)
  2. Which recommendation do you think will be most useful?
  3. If you have a non-authorized absence but complete the assignment before the instructor returns it to the class, how much credit is it worth?
  4. What are "TP"?
  5. How many TP does each student begin with?
  6. If you get 18 TP on each project, how many more TP do you need to get a "C" in the course?
  7. What due for next class?
  8. When are the instructor's office hours?
  9. What questions do you have about the syllabus?