Assessment analysis (group)

This is a group assignment using spreadsheets to analyze student data.

Item difficulty and discrimination index

Download student data, perform analysis, then write a report of the analysis.

Student data is in Canvas. Each group should use different data.

The spreadsheet should:

Assessment analysis

After collecting and scoring the assessment, submit an analysis of the data.

  1. Copy of the assessment with:
  2. For each category of mathematical understanding, provide:
    1. Your definition for the category.
    2. Discuss how the topic was assessed, specifically which assessment item(s) were used.
    3. Discuss quantitative patterns. Quantitative patterns indicate in a numerical way the information understood from the assessment.
    4. Discuss qualitative patterns that include pictures of student work. Qualitative patterns include strengths and weaknesses in the student responses. As always, make sure to protect student identities.
    5. How will you adjust your teaching based on the assessment analysis? Discuss which of the following responsive actions you will take and how:
      • get more information (provide a question that will provide new insights)
      • scaffold (give a specific hint, clue, question, task, activity, etc., to help students overcome a misconception)
      • improve whole class instruction (give a new activity for students to complete)


Analysis scoring guide [20 TP]


  • Includes copy of assessment (1 TP)
  • Includes appropriate CCSS-M standard(s) (1 TP)
  • Includes difficulty and discrimination index data in the report, tabular format (2 TP)

Assessment analysis

Each cell is 1 TP for a total of 16 TP

definition and how assessed? quantitative patterns qualitative patterns responsive actions
conceptual knowledge
procedural fluency
mathematical reasoning
problem solving


Submit the spreadsheet and a PDF copy of the analysis to Canvas. Only one submission is needed per group. Because student scores are included, this will not be posted to blogs.