Wikibook author

Go to wikibook and update with information from the class discussion. See the instructor with questions or clarifications for what was covered that day.

The wikibook will be easier to read if using standard mathematical notation. This can be done two ways:

LaTeX notation
  1. Widget → Other
  2. Put LaTeX between $…$

Common LaTeX commands include:

LaTeX Looks like …
\dfrac{a}{b} \( \dfrac{a}{b} \)
\sqrt{x} \( \sqrt{x} \)
x^2 \( x^2 \)
x_0 \( x_0 \)
\overline{AB} \( \overline{AB} \)
\angle 45^\circ \( \angle 45^\circ \)
\triangle ABC \( \triangle ABC \)
A & B & C & D \\
B & C & D & A \\
\( \begin{pmatrix} A & B & C & D \\ B & C & D & A \\ \end{pmatrix} \)

For more LaTeX help see Use of math symbols and equations or CodeCogs.

Tasks for Wikibook author

  1. Sign in to make page updates.
  2. Update page based on the class activity. This will likely be started during class time.
  3. When complete, email the instructor a link to your wikibook page.

Wikibook (scoring)

Wikibook page



Page edits to the wikibook beyond the three required, are worth 1 or 2 bonus MP depending on quality (using criteria above).

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