Syllabus scavenger hunt for Math 304

Answer the following based on the syllabus for this class. Raise hands when completed.

  1. How are warm-up assignments distinguished in the calendar? What is the warm-up assignment for next class?
  2. What are "CA" and where can you find them?
  3. If you have a non-authorized absence but complete the assignment before the instructor returns it to the class, how much credit is it worth?
  4. What is special about the quizzes?
  5. What are "MP"? How many MP does each student begin with?
  6. Assume you get 25 MP on Exam 1 and 35 MP on the final exam. Minimally, how many more MP do you need to get a "B" in the course?
  7. What is WeBWorK?
  8. What does it mean to "learn through problem solving"?
  9. Is this a "teaching methods" course? That is, a course designed teach you how to teach mathematics. (hint: "no")
  10. Ask one question about the course.