Roller Derby

Play the following game for 1-3 players. Record dice rolls for class discussion.

Materials: game board, two dice with six sides (in different colors), 10 small tokens (paper clips, coins, pieces of paper, etc.) for each player

Goal: Remove markers from the board in the fewest turns.

Game rules:

  1. Each player places 10 small tokens within columns of their choice. The player is free to place as many or as few tokens in a given column as they wish.
  2. In turns, the current player rolls two dice and records the sum. If the current player has a token in the column with the matching sum, that player removes one marker from that column.
  3. If the current player has removed all of their tokens, they are the winner. If not, play passes to the next player.


Adapted from: Connected Mathematics Project

Roller Derby game board

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