Monte Carlo Simulation

A Monte Carlo simulation uses random numbers to simulate real-life occurrences. These simulations can be used to approximate a true probability for an event. The more random trials that are generated, the closer we can approximate the true probability.


Use MS Excel to create a Monte Carlo simulation for summing a 4-sided die with an 8-sided die. I recommend completing at least 1,000 simulated dice rolls, but more is better!

Some helpful commands:

Excel example Result
=randbetween(1,6) generates a random number between 1 and 6
=countif(C:C, 1) counts the number of cells in column C that contain the number 1
=F2/count(C:C) takes the result in cell F2 and divides by count of numbers in column C


The experimental probabilities will not be handed in, but please bring results to class for discussion.