Addition/subtraction problem types

For each problem, identify the problem type and unknown based on Wisconsin Math Standards: Table 1 for K-2 grade students.

  1. Chris had 5 apples. How many more apples does Chris need to pick to have 13 apples altogether?
  2. Diane had some kittens. She sold 5 kittens. Now she has 8 kittens left. Now many kittens did Diane have to start with?
  3. Francis had 8 lollipops. His mother gave him 5 more lollipops. How many lollipops does he have now?
  4. Professor Smith has 12 dogs. Eight are big and the rest are little. How many little dogs does Professor Smith have?
  5. Abeulo wants to put 8 fruit in the basket. If she uses only bananas or mangos, how many of each could she put in the basket?
  6. Jaxyn had 11 cookies. He gave some cookies to Lynn. Now Jaxyn has 8 cookies. How many cookies did Jaxyn give to Lynn?
  7. There are 8 girls and 5 boys on a soccer team. How many children are on the soccer team?
  8. Jan has 12 snakes. Terrel has 8 snakes. How many more snakes does Jan have than Terrel?
  9. Anne has 8 flowers. How many more flowers does Anne need to pick to have 12 flowers?
  10. Liam had 12 fish, which is 4 more than Olivia. How many fish does Olivia have?
  11. Isaaku had 9 gumballs. He ate 4 gumballs. How many gumballs does Isaaku have left?

Think like a teacher: Create story problems for any problem type and unknown combination not included above.