Mathematics for Elementary Teachers II

Professor Hlas
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Five out of four people don't understand fractions.

Course Information

This is the second of three mathematics courses designed to develop conceptual understanding of fundamental mathematics. "A significant indicator of conceptual understanding is being able to represent mathematical situations in different ways and knowing how different representations can be useful for different purposes" (Adding It Up, 2001). Specifically we will focus on the following:

  1. Creating problems
  2. Solving problems with multiple representations (concrete, visual, abstract)
  3. Explaining why

Topics addressed: percentages, decimals, fractions, proportions, ratios, similarity, and probability.

More course information is posted on Canvas.




  1. Productive disposition!
  2. Reconceptualizing mathematics for elementary school teachers (Sowder, Sowder & Nickerson, 2009)
  3. Fraction strips
  4. Pattern blocks (4:hex, 8:trapezoids, 10:parallelograms, 12:triangles)

Note: Calculators will not be allowed to remind preservice teachers of the learning difficulties involved for these topics.

Research background