Mathematics for Elementary Teachers I

Professor Hlas
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Childhood is a state of mind. It is an ongoing quest for learning.
Raph Koster in 'A Theory of Fun'

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This is the first of three mathematics courses specifically designed develop conceptual understanding of elementary mathematics. Often elementary mathematics is regarded as "easy", which is counterproductive for future teachers because this implies the math should be easy to learn. Instead, I hope preservice teachers in this course realize that future students to master the mathematics in various ways because of its fundamental nature.

Topics addressed include: problem solving, progressions for the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics, number systems, alternate algorithms, error patterns, and the fundamental theory of arithmetic.

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  1. Productive disposition!
  2. Beckmann, S. (2014). Mathematics for Elementary Teachers with Activities, 4th edition (rental text)

Note: Calculators will not be allowed to remind preservice teachers of the learning difficulties involved for these topics.

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