Syllabus scavenger hunt for Math 203

Answer the following based on the syllabus for this class. Raise hands when completed.

  1. What is the most important "required" thing to bring to class?
  2. How is homework distinguished in the calendar?
  3. If you have a non-authorized absence but complete the assignment before the instructor returns it to the class, how much credit is it worth?
  4. What are "MP"?
  5. What are not allowed?
  6. What are Q&A assignments? How many questions are required for each assignment?
  7. What is the homework for next class?
  8. Assume you get full credit on the interview project, 25 MP on Exam 1, 27 MP on Exam 2, and 20 MP on Exam 3. Hhow many MP do you need to get a "B" in the course?
  9. Is this a teaching methods course?
  10. Ask one question about the interview project.