CCSS remainders

For each problem below:

  1. You have 30 pieces of candy to share fairly with 7 children. How many will each child receive?
  2. A half-pint jar holds 8 ounces of liquid. If there are 46 ounces in the pitcher, how many half-pint jars will that be?
  3. The rope is 25 feet long. How many 7-foot jump ropes can be made?
  4. The ferry can hold 8 cars. How many trips will it have to make to carry 25 cars across the river?
  5. Six children are planning to share a bag of 50 pieces of bubble gum. If there are any left over, they will give them to their favorite teacher. How many pieces of bubble gum will the teacher receive?
  6. Dad made 15 cookies for the children at the birthday party. If there are 6 children at the party and everyone gets an equal share, how many cookies does each child get?
  7. There are 1128 soldiers that need to be bused to a base. Each bus holds 36 soldiers. How many bus are needed?

Summarize the four possible options for division problems with remainders.