CCSS multiplication and division

For each problem below, classify the problem and unknown.

Note: Multiplication is equivalent to "product unknown"

  1. Bob has 24 tomato seedlings to plant in 3 rows. How many tomato plants are in each row?
  2. Jill bought apples at 7 cents a piece. The total cost of her apples was 35 cents. How many apples did Jill buy?
  3. Josh walked 3 hours at a rate of 4 miles per hour. How far did Josh walk?
  4. During a winter storm, 10 inches of snow fell. If the storm lasted 5 hours and fell at an constant rate, how much snow fell per hour?
  5. Aaron and Rodger collect Packer souvenirs. Aaron has 4 times as many Packer hats as Rodger. If Aaron has 20 Packer hats, how many does Rodger have?
  6. In Katie's bathroom the floor measures 5 feet by 7 feet. How many square feet of vinyl will it take to cover the floor?