CCSS Interview Project

Interview a kindergarten, 1st or 2nd grade student using CCSS problem types.

Part I: Design interview questions

Create interview questions using contexts that children would find interesting. Other requirements include:

Bring two typed copies of your observation sheets to the next class without labels for problem types/unknowns.

Part II: Conduct interview

Interview a "little person" who is currently enrolled in grades K-2 using problems developed in Part I. During the 30 minute interview, take detailed notes and/or record the interview for later reporting. The goal of the interview is to see how children solve problems, not to help them to solve problems.

Other considerations:

Correctness does not matter during the interview so only help children after the interview time is over.

Part III: Report results

Once the interview is complete, type your summary using the interview score sheet as a guide.


Please include the scoring guide directly after the cover sheet.

CCSS report scoring guide [40 MP]

Cover sheet

  • Title, Name, Course and section number (5 MP)
  • None of these points will be earned if your name appears anywhere else besides the title page
Reminder: Inlcude copy of scoring guide directly after cover sheet.

Introduction (1-2 paragraphs)

Provide the following details regarding the student and the interview experience (1 MP each):

  • introduce the student (first name or pseudonym), grade level and other relevant information
  • the setting & possible distractions
  • materials used: counters, paper, hundreds chart, etc.
  • warm-up question #1 and response
  • warm-up question #2 and response

Interview summary (table)

Provide a table (preferably single-spaced) that includes the problems and relevant notes. (2 MP each)

  • problems in interview order
  • problems indicate the numbers chosen (low, medium, high)
  • CCSS problem type/unknown is given
  • indicate if student was correct or incorrect
  • strategy level, strategy name, and other details

Provide other information that would be needed to better understand the table or interview itself.

Analysis (~6 paragraphs)

Examine the interview experience as a whole looking for patterns. Speculate as to why your student answered how they did. Address the following in a clear and concise manner (2 MP each):

  • difficulty: correct vs. incorrect answers vs. time per problem
  • strategy: Level 1 vs. Level 2 vs. Level 3
  • operations: addition vs. subtraction vs. multiplication vs. division
  • addition/subtraction unknowns: start, change, result, addend, total, both addends, difference, smaller/bigger
  • multiplication/division unknowns: partitive, quotative, product
  • numbers: small vs. medium vs. large

Reflection (~4 paragraphs)

What did you learn through the course of the interview project? Address this by answering the following (1 MP each):

  • Provide a summary about the student's mathematics ability compared to your original expectations
  • What did you learn about your abilities to interact and/or interview children?
  • Discuss at least two recommendations for future classmates that worked well.
  • Discuss at least two recommended changes to make if you were to conduct another interview.

[optional] What questions do you still have about CCSS problem types?

Formatting and quality

  • Typed (1 MP)
  • Double-spaced (1 MP)
  • Appropriate headings (1 MP)
  • Concise paragraphs (1 MP)
  • Appropriate academic language (-0.25 MP each error)


  • Early early bird deadline (+2 MP)
  • Early bird deadline (+1 MP)

Points: 0