Roll and write project (individual)

Goal: Quickly create a game to learn about prototyping and playtesting. Do not expect this game to be the best game ever. That takes iteration, which will be discussed later in class.

Tip #1: Choose a theme. If stuck, roll a die (1d6) with the following values:

  1. sports
  2. fantasy
  3. nature, animals, or monsters
  4. outlaws, pirates, or spies
  5. outer space or aliens
  6. city or home

Tip #2: Choose a randomizer. If stuck, roll a die (1d6) with the following values:

  1. dice
  2. polyominoes
  3. tiles
  4. pull something from bag
  5. spinners
  6. cards


Goal: Create a playable roll-and-write (sometimes called flip-and-fill) prototype to test with fellow students. This prototype requires:

  1. A random generator (see tip #2 above)
  2. Players must somehow use the result of the random generator.
  3. A way for players to individually record their results.
  4. Ability to work for 3-5 players.

Possible resources:


Bring materials to play your game to class on the due date. This includes enough player sheets for your group members +1 or +2 extra (just in case).

Playtest in class

Goal: Test your game and receive feedback.

On the due date, designers will be running the playtest in small groups during class. Some notes:

Playtest journal

Goal: Summarize your playtest experiences by discussing the successes and failures of the prototype design.

  1. Game summary 4 XP
    Rules used, player sheets and other components; pictures are fine as long as everything is readable
  2. Fun Survey 4 XP
    Discuss results for two Fun Survey questions. Please include numeric data (e.g., "3 of the 4 people said …") and what you would do about it.
  3. Two game lenses 4 XP
    Please list all the questions from two game design lenses and answer them using information from the playtest and Fun Surveys. Recommended lenses:


Submit a PDF to Canvas by the due date.

Note: Merge PDF can be used if you want to make a single PDF.

Scoring guide

Students earn XP based on clarity and completeness of their responses. 12 XP