Game design project » Design diary

Each member of the design team will receive the same score for "team" components, then individual scores based on their specialty and collaboration.

  1. Game summary (team)
    1. Include the final rule set used, which should include pictures of the game board and components 4 XP
    2. Restate the desired player experience from the Design Proposal and discuss how this was achieved (or not) by the final playtest. 4 XP
    3. Provide Fun Survey analysis for four questions. This analysis should show how data changed across playtests. 4 XP
  2. Specialties (individual 4 XP)
  3. Reflection (individual)
    1. What is fun? (as related your game or games in general) 2 XP
    2. In *The Art of Game Design*, Jesse Schell lists the many skills of a game designer. What skills stood out in your own journey designing a game? Feel free to borrow from his list and/or create your own. 2 XP
  4. Collaboration score 4 XP



Reports are expected to be typed with at least 1.5 spacing.

Each group submits a PDF version of the report to Canvas before the final exam time. The digital report is necessary for Liberal Education assessment as part of the Honors program.

Scoring guide

Students earn XP based on clarity and completeness of their responses. 22 XP