Teaching Mathematics, grades 5-12

Teaching Standards

The Teacher Education Program at UW-Eau Claire strives to produce teachers of high quality. All teacher education candidates are measured against the Wisconsin Teaching Standards (WTS). Tasks and assignments associated with the course objectives and WTS are intended as evidence of growth and development toward becoming a professional educator.

An eleventh standard, Collaborative Leadership (CL) is a standard unique to the UW-Eau Claire Teacher Education Program.

Course Objectives, Standards & Evidence of Growth
ES 357 Course Objectives WTS Evidence
Preservice teachers will be able to describe "mathematical thinking" and its importance. 1 Writing assignments
To gain broad understanding of the 6-12 mathematics curriculum. 1 Writing assignments
Teachers will approach mathematics and the learning of mathematics as more than procedural knowledge. 1 Writing & practice assignments
Teachers will understand the structures within the discipline, the history, and how technology interacts with curricula. 1 Writing assignments
Teachers will be able to provide learning opportunities that support children's intellectual, social, and personal development based on understand how they learn and develop. 2 Problem solving observation
Teachers will understand how students differ in their approaches to learning and create instructional opportunities that are adapted to diverse learners. 3 Problem solving observation
Teachers will plan instruction based upon the structure of mathematics, the environment (students, community, etc.), and curriculum goals. 7 Problem solving observation
Teachers will understand and use a variety of assessment strategies to evaluate and ensure the development of the learner. 8 Practice assignments and Problem solving observation
Teachers are reflective practitioners who continually evaluate the effectiveness of their decisions and make modifications base on experience and the experience of others. 9, CL Continual improvement and Teacher practice assignments

Preparing Collaborative Leaders