Q&A assignment

Create discussion questions and answers based on the reading(s) in the calendar.

Discussion questions

Question should be designed to remember important information from the readings, not trivial details. The instructor will classify questions based on Webb's Depth-of-Knowledge:

Level 3 : Strategic or Extended thinking

Level 2 : Basic Application

Level 1 : Recall and Reproduce

Level 0.5 : Low level recall and reproduce

Other (problematic for some reason)

Note: Only the first part of a multi-part question will be classified.

Depth-of-Knowledge resources

Scoring summary

Questions are classified and receive points as follows:

Answers earn no points, but may modify the level. For example, answers that contradict the reading(s) or answers that are incomplete result in a one level reduction.

Maximum per assignment.


"Our job as teachers and teachers of teachers is to teach how to ask questions" —P.R. Halmos