Teaching Mathematics, grades 5-12

Professor Hlas
hlascs (@) uwec.edu
Hibbard 530

There is not one way to teach effectively, but many.Hiebert & Stiegler

Course Information

A methods course serves as a capstone experience that ties together college mathematics and pedagogy classes by addressing various areas of the Wisconsin Teaching Standards. Of course, no one class can fully prepare someone for teaching, but this class is designed to practice skills and develop mindsets for continual improvement after the course ends.

More course information is available on D2L.




  1. Principles to actions (ebook) (NCTM, 2014)
  2. What's Math Got to Do with It? (Boaler, 2015)
  3. Mathematics in Wisconsin (online)
  4. Progressions documents for CCSSM (online)


  1. Join National Council of Teachers of Mathematics -- http://www.nctm.org
  2. Join Wisconsin Mathematics Council -- http://www.wismath.org
  3. Become a Math Lab tutor
  4. Resources
    • Brain Rules (Medina, 2008)
    • Mindsets (Dweck, 2007)
    • Teach Like a Champion (Lemov, 2010)

Research background