Assessments (by August, 15, 2016):

  1. LMT: Statistics and Probability code: 4294706015
    Reminder: You may "next" through the end survey.
  2. LMT: Geometry and Measurement code: 4060789696
    Reminder: You may "next" through the end survey.
  3. Concerns-based Adoption Model


Paperwork (by August 31, 2016):

  1. Payment to Individual Report form
    1. SSN
    2. Address
    3. Student status
    4. If student, write "Teacher in grant for professional development" near appropriate checkbox
    5. Residency
    6. Name
    7. Check "no" to first entertainer questions
  2. Requisition to Contract for Personal Services form
    1. Name
    2. Taxpayer ID (i.e., SSN)
    3. --- next page ---
    4. Vendor: Name and address
    5. Tax ID#
  3. If moved, complete W-9 and sign


Submission (choose one):

Note: Grant funding for the year ends August 31, 2016; so all paperwork will need to be processed before then.